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In six months, she said, 'I'm hoping that he's going to be acting like a normal 6- to 7-year-old, riding a bicycle, doing what a normal 6- or 7-year-old does. Tracy Koogler said Monday.

His limp body was put into the back of a pickup truck, which started toward a waiting ambulance. The plan was to take him to the hospital rather than the coroner's office, even if he was dead, in order to "give the family and rescue workers hope," La Porte Ind.

As the truck bounced over the dune, a medic noticed something astonishing: The boy took a breath.

black girl dating white guy yahoo

Then, a cut on his head started bleeding. The jolt apparently shocked Nathan's body back to life, Huffman said.

Nathan was rushed to the hospital and was crying in the emergency room when Huffman arrived a few minutes later. It's an absolute miracle this child survived. Tracy Koogler said Monday.

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Of greatest concern is his lungs, as the amount of sand he breathed in could lead to asthma-like symptoms, she said. Don Reul, Nathan's grandfather, was getting ready for bed after a long day of tooling around on motorcycles in New York state with his wife and another couple when the phone rang.

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On the other end was the "hysterical" voice of his daughter, Faith Woessner. But he understood little else, and by the time he hung up, he believed that his grandson had fallen on the beach at Indiana Dunes National Seashore and had been pulled into Lake Michigan.

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Story continues "I said, 'Nathan has died, he's drowned,'" Reul told his wife. The Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, running for about 25 miles along the southern shore of Lake Michigan, is a popular vacation spot that has long attracted families, hikers and birdwatchers.

He was gone the next, without a warning or sound. More than three hours later, rescuers pulled Nathan out from under 11 feet of sand on Friday. He showed no signs of life: He was cold to the touch, had no pulse and wasn't breathing. His limp body was put into the back of a pickup truck, which started toward a waiting ambulance.

The dune Nathan fell feet-first into is one of the tallest, the foot-tall Mount Baldy. Nathan's 8-year-old friend rushed to where his dad and Nathan's dad were, and told them Nathan had vanished.

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Reul said that by the time Nathan's father found the hole, he could hear his son, but not see him. The two men frantically dug sand from the spot where Nathan had fallen, but stopped after it was about 4 feet deep, Reul said, realizing they might have driven Nathan "deeper and deeper.

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