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I'm looking deep in your eyes. Staying at home, ordering pizza and a bottle of wine and watching a movie! I think your outfit is sexy and provocative. Want to go out?

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Why do we do that to ourselves? This beautifully stitched lightning bolt in the center of the shirt is perfect for spreading positivie vibes. Personalise the sleeve with your own message, names, dates or whatever you wish to make the t-shirt extra special! Holly is a size and wears… Curvy Looks para lucir estupenda una vez que podamos salir ¡Ya quiero usarlos!

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No subscription required. It gets me kind of hot. Do you like open relationships?

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Nope, if I'm with a girl then I'm only with her! I think everything else is filthy. Do you like partying?

If partying involves you, I'm down with whatever you're down. Do you like these big pumped up silicon tits? I really don't get it; all tits are lovely. Why making bowling balls out of them! Do you still talk with any of your ex-girlfriends?

Yeah, I keep in touch with some of them.

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Have you ever cheated on one of your girlfriends? Be honest! Never ever!

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Have you ever taken advantage of a situation with a drunk girl? Come on, I'm not a jerk. Err, did I really ask this?!

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Okay, please tell! I lost count around fifty.

I'm Bigger Than My Boyfriend

Hey there! How's it going?

I was not having a very good day until I saw you, cutie! Hey, baby! I was thinking about you. I was thinking about you too, while jerking off.

I have so much studying left to do before the end of the semester. If you need some help, let me know, I was the valedictorian in my year.

Every natural experiences dryness, regardless of hair type and density. We live in the world where the amount of likes and comments under our photos indicates how worthy we are.

I like a man who takes charge. What would you do to show that you're a real man?

Curvy girl outfits

I like to carry you in my arms and to throw you onto my bed. I love it if men have a good sense of humor.

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Yes, and seeing you smile all the time since we met seems to be a good start. I love laughing.

Do you know any jokes? I'm actually quite a comedian. Maybe we could grab a drink and I'll make you laugh? I love the way you dress.