Bf3 coop stuck la, Star Wars Battlefront 2: The Battle on Scarif - Community Update

Joe John Acum 4 ani I am confused how do you have the game early and playing it? We’ll share release timing on the console patches as soon as we are clear on the timing, these take a bit longer due to console certification process. There's so much money in the battlefront franchise, especially in the third episode of this.

PetersBR Acum 4 ani if i buy now the game,i won the m pistol??

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  4. Quote: Patch notes for Nov 22 patch Major client update for the PC version Battlefield 3 as well as a server-side update for all platforms.

GentlemanOnDrugs Acum 4 ani Oh, did hereos and generals get better graphics??? Highandhungry Acum 4 ani I hope you guys report the glitches and not just forget about then because your having fun Zain Ali Khan Acum 4 ani What's that song at the end of the video?? Cason Jones Acum 4 ani When's the beta coming out?

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Sam Beatty Acum 4 ani if this doesn't outsell infinite warfare, I'm losing all faith in humanity Jolo Acum 4 ani Chris Villano Acum 4 ani I hope they have trench maps in the game burtlangoustine1 Acum 4 ani WW1 my ass.

The nostalgia is so fucking real right now. Kids a solid actor RiskyUmbrella The blops games are amazing SURESH0T Three of them were Grant Jones I remember the campaign being fun, but watching it now and realizing how many dumb set pieces there are that take you out of the action, I would hate this campaign now Nidura Thats definitely one opinion Delta rhino I hope the reboot of the blackops series is as good as the modern warfare, black ops was always the best series next to MW.

There are a number of hints that it will continue onto the Warzone "story" but still have its own campaign, multiplayer and zombies modes AnotherPassing If im correct this new one supposedly is both InfinityWard and treyarch together.

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KindaKasual Holy shit this brings back some memories. The ASP is one of my favourite pistols in cod history.

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Nothing like running around with those and melting people with them. If you could pull that trigger fast, you'd have a blast.

I was 18, freshman in college Camallu Odd how the fucks get censored in the cutscenes, but not in the gameplay. I forget, what level was that? LazarouDave Andrea Kosick Vietnam hill and the tunnels in the cosmodrome, both infinite spawns, both irritating af will richardson Yo I was nine when I played this game for the first time.

I was just thinking Bowman sounded a lot like Ice Cube! Went to check out myltiplayer. So sad. More pissed tbh Michael AfonsoAcum lună More players than any EA game still and yet they discontinued support to make battlefield 6 which will probably be another woke show.

Hard Candy-e Acum 4 ani "They need to fix the sun it's too fucking bright" hahaha Nick Davis Acum 4 ani it would be so awesome if they put CO OP missions in this game like they did in battlefield 3 André Acum 4 ani Qasam Wahid Acum 4 ani every muslim and moral minded person should downvote. Dusty Maku Acum 4 ani how did he get this game?

EA is a failure. This is their only good game and they canceled support.

Yes, bring the game back EA! We still have battles to conquer duels to win and distinies to be forfilled Matijas skyscrappers man is year of hope skyscrappers man Sadly it's not gonna happen in the near future!

They shut down this game but i'm sure they're gonna make BF3. There's so much money in the battlefront franchise, especially in the third episode of this. And EA loves money.