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HGV Class 1 Driver În prezent, angajat - Manchester - 12 aprilie, The work out of Trafford is fairly easy work, none of the jobs are too stressful or rushed.

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Hardest part of the job is trying to get hold of planners, decent enough people bar the odd 1 or 2, treat them respectfully and they speed ​​dating lutterworth treat you same. Hourly rate is poor, only £8.

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Although you do get £15 per day tax free meal allowance which bumps your wage up. Getting holidays is hard work as it's first come first served and most savvy drivers have their holiday forms in 1st working day of January.

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Only day off at Christmas is Christmas day, any other days need to be booked and probably refused. Operation manager at trafford is a decent bloke and fairly approachable. Top and bottom of it, easy job if you have the right attitude, Hot heads don't seem to stay long.

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It can be long hours, can be a fair bit of waiting time. Ignore the stobart haters, its what you make it.

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Pro Steady work. Not a bad bunch of lads. Ok trucks Contra Poor hourly rate.

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Big outfit so you're just a number. Can't plan a social life or Holidays A fost utilă această recenzie?

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